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Dornika family built-in linear lights, can be produced and implemented in different lengths and powers, suitable for indoor use and false ceilings in residential, office and commercial environments. This lamp can be produced in 90 degrees.


Dorna family surface linear lights can be produced in different lengths and powers. Due to its beautiful appearance, this product is widely used in lighting residential and commercial spaces.


Lian family linear lights are provided in the form of surface, built-in and pendant in widths of 7.5 and 9.5 cm. This light is suitable for use in office and commercial spaces, airports, hospitals and hotels, and the capability Produced in custom lengths according to customer needs. The unique feature of this lamp is its modularity.


Dornaz pendant linear lamp, can be produced in different lengths, is suitable for interior spaces such as office and commercial centers.


Dena linear lights are suitable for indirect lighting on false and stretch ceilings.


Sadaf family T8 LED lamps are produced in two lengths of 60 and 120 cm. These lamps are a very good alternative to T8 fluorescent lamps with longer life and efficiency.


Helena surface light, which is also known as under-cabinet light, in addition to increasing the beauty of the space, can also provide the necessary ambient light. This product has a polycarbonate coating that protects it from being hit. This product can be used as a light above the mirror, under the kitchen cabinets and also as a hidden light with easy and easy installation.