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Atra is a light projector with a reasonable price and an aluminum body. The use of 60, 30, and 15 degree lenses creates closed-angle light. This product is used for lighting spaces such as sports fields, passages, green spaces, lighting of billboards, etc.


Aydis projectors with IP65 degree of protection, resistant to moisture and environmental pollution, are suitable for use in open and non-roofed spaces such as parks, public lighting, gyms and swimming pools. This family of projectors is produced in two angles of 90 and 120 degrees with adjustable handles.


Crystal pendant shed lights are produced with COB LEDs in three different models with 90 and 120 degree angles for use in industrial halls, sheds and factories.


Aida projector with aluminum body, separate driver and reasonable price is a smart choice for lighting outdoor environments such as passages, green spaces and billboards. This lamp has a light distribution of 120 and 90 degrees due to the use of galvanized reflectors.

Sabalan industrial shed

Sabalan industrial shed lights are a very suitable replacement for old and high-consumption gas lamps due to their high light efficiency. The high degree of protection of this product (IP65) has made this lamp usable in humid and polluted environments with dust.

Greenhouse lights

The purpose of using LEDs in this product is to grow the plant, to meet the light needs of plants in the stages of seed, germination, cultivation and maintenance in hours when there is no sunlight, or generally enough light to grow plants in the environment. does not exist.