Servicio postventa

  1. All products are covered by any warranty or defect related to the manufacture of the product, according to the terms of the warranty.

  2. The warranty will be valid if the requirements related to the temperature range, voltage and type of application specified for the products are observed.

  3. The buyer is responsible for sending the product to Alton Ray Engineering Company.

  4. After-sales service includes repairing or replacing defective parts, and the product will be replaced at the discretion of experts.

  5. During the warranty period, any defect in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 for repair or replacement of the part will be done free of charge. Obviously, after the end of the course, the cost of the warranty product will be calculated according to the service tariff.

    Items that do not include a guarantee are as follows:

    – Damage caused by power grid fluctuations or electric shock, breakage and impact of the product and its parts
    – Any manipulation of the product, such as changes in the structure of its parts
    – Scratches, body breakage or any defects resulting from improper transportation and storage of the product
    Crop failure due to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes or unpredictable events such as war.

    To contact the after-sales service unit, please call the following number.

    Factory : 021-619451 (internal 330)

    Head Office : 021-66343000