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Arta lamp is a very good alternative to high-consumption halogen lamps. The use of OSRAM LED as well as aluminum heatsink has made it suitable for optical efficiency and long life. It is worth mentioning that Arta lamp has become a suitable replacement for all halogen lamps without the need to change the frame, and with a five-year warranty and ten years of after-sales service, it has become a very suitable choice for dear customers.


Precise design of Deniz model lights and the use of OSRAM LEDs, aluminum heatsinks and ABS bodies have led to the high quality and long life of this product.


Built-in round ceiling lights of the sea family are produced with all-aluminum body and electrostatic powder paint. This model of ceiling lights can be produced in IP65 format for use in wet spaces.

Darya IP65

This product is designed and produced with an all-aluminum body and is resistant to the entry of dust and water vapor and its high light efficiency is due to the use of OSRAM LED in its construction. Aluminum body allows more heat dissipation, which leads to longevity and high light flux. Providing IP65 degree of protection makes it possible to use this type of light in humid spaces such as swimming pools, bathrooms and outdoor roofed environments.


The built-in round ceiling lights of the world family are among the driverless lights, which are reasonably priced and widely used in mass production projects.


Dorsan family built-in round ceiling lights have a more closed light angle due to their special design, which is suitable for lighting in spaces with high ceilings. These lights are produced in different sizes and powers.


Surface round lamp with Aysan brand, convenient and easy installation, IP65 production capability, this lamp can be produced with a motion sensor that can be used in parking lots, stairwells and other spaces with traffic. / p>


Pearl family surface lights, with easy and easy installation, are produced in different types with IP65 degree of protection, sensor, emergency and emergency sensor.


Built-in square emerald ceiling lights are produced in different sizes and powers. Longevity and high quality of this product are the features of this product. Available in different light colors suitable for interior spaces such as homes and offices and commercial centers