Why Alton Ray

5-year Guaranteed :

One of the most important advantages of using Altonora lights is the five-year product warranty, and this warranty is a seal of approval on the quality of the products to bring comfort to the consumer.

10 years after-sales service :

Buying from Alton‌ra does not mean the end of this relationship. Altonurai is with the consumer for up to 10 years to help them solve any problem and address their concerns and needs. Of course, this is one of the honors of Altonurai, whose after-sales service department is the smallest part of the organization due to the high quality of the products and their 72-hour testing, and it has the least amount of repairs due to the high volume of production.

72 hours testing all products :

There is no talk of product testing in Alton‌ra; Instead, all products are tested for 72 hours before entering the market. This causes most products with the lowest error rate to be marketed and reach the esteemed consumer.

26 years old :

Altonurai started its activities in 1995 with the aim of creating sustainable employment and meeting the technical needs of engineering in the regional and supra-regional arenas, and since then has been taking steps to ensure consumer satisfaction by offering the highest quality products.

Use of Osram LED :

One of the reasons for the high quality and longevity of Alton lights is the use of quality Osram LEDs. OSRAM is a German multinational lighting company, one of Siemens’ subsidiaries, and one of the largest lighting companies in the world.